World Blood Donor Day & the New York Blood Center

World Blood Donor Day & the New York Blood Center

Every June 14th is World Blood Donor Day, so the Giving Forward volunteer team (Including Magdalena Kulisz founder or Miss Immigrant) joined with volunteers from the New York Blood Center (NYBC) to take to the streets (42nd street, Manhattan in particular) armed with beverage donations from a local beverage distributor. 


Our QR code cards sent folks to a landing page where they could enter for a chance to win $4,000 by donating $, enter for free, or link over to the NYBC site to make a blood donation appointment

interviewee number 1

Doing a street-based event was lots of fun and we learned a lot:

  1. Doing a rally on 42nd street during rush hour makes conversation starts more challenging. Future F2F events we want to try include:
    1. Street fairs
    2. Park-based concerts or events
    3. Locations such as plazas that folks congregate during lunch and the day (Times Square in particular)
  2. Even free beverages aren’t enough to slow some people down (if they are in a rush).
  3. Not everyone knows how to use QR codes (we asked how the folks who didn’t know how to use QRs how they made it through the pandemic, ordering at restaurants… ironically they said, more than once, that someone at the table would scan the QR to get the menu and pass the phone around… So much for better hygiene LOL)
  4. Lots of folks promised to make blood donation appointments, but were in too much of a rush to make the reservations in front of us on their phones.

happy hug

Magdalena thanks one of the people she stopped... with a hug. Lots of great conversations.


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NYBC team