About Us

Giving Forward generates revenue for other nonprofits via unconventional channels including cause marketing, publishing, volunteerism marketplaces, virtual events, promotions (contests and sweepstakes), NFTs and commerce. Giving Forward supports US-Based 501c3s of all sizes, across every major cause category. International nonprofits will be added as we reach critical mass.

An Excuse To Donate. SweepsForACause!!

What happens when you mix a sweepstakes with a donation request?

  • conversion rate goes up
  • average donation value goes up
  • viral sharing goes up, driving even more donations
  • new donors engage

Donating can be fun. Give supporters a little nudge to do the right thing and support the causes they love.

In addition to SweepsForACause a platform that gamifies giving with a promotional sweepstakes (no donation required to enter) , Giving Forward has developed other ways to facilitate donations, CSR, corporate philanthropy and cause marketing activity.

  • Cause Powered Publishing: GoodBuzz.org shares a minimum of 50% of net advertising revenue on content with other nonprofits
  • Cause Powered Events (virtual): Whether the event is paid for by a sponsor or tickets are sold, we always have a way that the majority of net revenue is distributed to other nonprofits.
  • Cause Marketing NFTs (in collaboration with NFT.NYC, coming soon)
  • Volunteer Marketplace: Imagine if sponsors could pay to get jobs done and volunteers could do those jobs selecting which nonprofits got the majority of the sponsor revenue? (platform in development)
  • Cause Marketing Powered Commerce (we may return to the We-Care / SMILE model)

Giving Forward, Inc. is US-based 501c3 nonprofit formed on September 5th 2019, incorporated in Delaware and operating out of New York State. Kevin Lee is the founder and he is joined by the rest of the Board of Directors. The organizational mission is to generate revenue for other nonprofits via unconventional channels including cause marketing, publishing, volunteerism marketplaces, virtual events, NFTs, promotions (contests and sweepstakes) and commerce. We convert “cachet” to cash for nonprofits via cause marketing using content (advertising) and events. Our content platform converts consumer’s time, attention, and behavior into revenue paid for by sponsors. Our events platform democratizes personal and corporate giving / CSR increasing corporate funding.

We-Care, Giving Forward and the History of SweepsForACause:

Kevin Lee, the founder of Giving Forward (the nonprofit running SweepsForACause) ran three philanthropic sweepstakes under We-Care.com’s Sweep4aCause. (at the time a for-profit venture) giving away $32,000 to nonprofits and an additional $32,000 to winners. Kevin applied what he learned running We-Care ($8.3 Million donated to causes) to the development and launch of all the Giving Forward platforms, including SweepsForACause.org.

Before the founding Giving Forward, Inc., We-Care focused on cause marketing powered eCommerce platform. After a 6.5 year partnership and a test run at Amazon’s request, Amazon was “inspired” to launch SMILE, generating an additional $330 Million in donations (10 / 2021). After Amazon went on it’s own with SMILE, We-Care shut down and it’s assets were absorbed by Giving Forward, Inc. The founder of We-Care and Giving Forward are the same person, Kevin Lee.