FAQ - Influencers - (the Phantom Lunch)

Shhh, there's a secret about how we wrote the rules. Just like Publisher's Clearing House and many sweeps providers... We can run one big $4K sweepstakes and market (merchandise it any way we want). The winner gets the cash and decides what to do with it. (we recommend they put some aside for taxes).

That means you can be the prize LOL! Want to help your favorite cause 3-5X more than regular donations?

If you meet our criteria as a influencer or VIP,  we will let you sign up and get your very own lunch or meet and greet sweepstakes page, part of our big $4,000 drawing.

The best part is that you probably won't need to even go to lunch with the winner because:

  • The winner is likely to come from one of the other $4K landing pages because we have billions of donated ad impressions driving clicks)
  • We'll have other influencers also sending clicks to their landing pages
  • Even if one of your fans is selected as the winner, they may not choose to spend the cash to visit you. But  if they do, the least you can do is buy them lunch. We'll pay you back if that makes a difference LOL.

Flex Sweeps (we provide the prize)

Giving Forward runs a cash-award sweepstakes because people are both selfish and giving. A sweepstakes makes giving more fun. So, conversion rates (and click rates on your posts) are WAY higher (2-5x). What a fun way to deliver social impact... And we give it to you for free (if you qualify).

eMail giving@givingforward.org. Please include relevant social handles and follower counts.

Thanks. Let's do good and have fun.