FAQs (general)

    1. Is my donation tax-deductible in the USA or elsewhere?
    2. SweepsForACause is run by Giving Forward, Inc, a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity in the US. Giving Forward’s mission is to help other nonprofits generate revenue through non-traditional channels.

      Your donation to Giving Forward through our platform receives chances to win prizes, yet, no donation is required to enter to win a prize or an experience. A donation does not increase your chances of winning a sweepstakes experience, and you can also enter without a donation. Donations are not required to enter, and because we (Giving Forward, Inc.) is a U.S. charity, all donations made by U.S. donors are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. If your donation is accompanied by a bonus item or experience which has monetary value, the amount of your donation that is deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes may be limited to the excess of the amount contributed over the value of goods or services provided. This is the same way that tickets to a charity ball which includes food and drinks are handled in the US. If you have any questions regarding your tax obligations, you should consult with your own tax advisor.

      Your confirmation email can act as your tax receipt. We cannot advise any donor (whether domestic or international) regarding the tax implications of making donations to Giving Forward and allowing Giving Forward to then grant a large portion of that donation to a US nonprofit.

      International tax questions should be referred to the appropriate tax advisor.

      1. Who runs SweepsForACause and Giving Forward, Inc, the parent nonprofit organization?
      2. Why do I see references to We-Care on previous nonprofit checks in the pictures?

      How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit I select during the registration and donation process?

      For SweepsForACause, every sweepstakes has a slightly different grant / revenue allocation system based on the prize, prize size or source (Prize Provider). Here is how our allocation system works:

      • Giving Forward, the nonprofit that runs SweepsForACause retains Ten Percent (10%) of the net donated funds after we pay for merchant services (credit card, Cryptocurrency conversion, or banking fees) which are usually approximately 3% of the gross donation. We also subtract any direct expenses related to the prize or marketing or administration of each specific sweepstakes on a pro-rata basis, spread across all the donations across all causes.
      • Each sweepstakes has a default nonprofit cause. The prize provider selects the default for each sweeps. The default nonprofit cause receives a grant or allotment of Ten Percent (10%) of net donations collected for the specific sweepstakes. Sometimes the nonprofit itself recruited the prize provider which is why they deserve 10% as they help all causes raise revenue.
      • Entrant / Donor Selected Nonprofit cause “Grantee”: Donor/entrant selects a nonprofit or retains the pre-selected nonprofit cause. Some donors visiting the site from an external link are presented with one nonprofit because a nonprofit or a supporter of a nonprofit instructed our platform to merchandize/display ONLY that one nonprofit. Nonprofit doing marketing and promotion or one of their supporters use that link style because they have a strong preference setting the the Grantee. The Grantee nonprofit receives a grant of Eighty Percent (80%) of net donation value (10% more if they were also the default for a specific sweeps.)

      This is how donations are allocated across nonprofits, and encourages prize providers to donate prizes because when their prize (product, trip or service bundle) is converted into a sweepstakes they control, the default cause, assuring their cause gets some of the donation, even when the entrant selects a different cause. Often entrants will keep the default cause in-place resulting in 90% of net donation going to the default cause (Giving Forward / SweepsForACause retains the rest).

      How will I be notified if I win?

      We will reach out to you via email and that is the only method we are obligated to use. If you provided your telephone number, we will attempt to reach you via that method as well. The period of time you have to respond is specified in the rules for each sweepstakes.

      1. Can I get bonus entries with promo codes and behaviors?
      2. How will donation charges be indicated on my credit card statement?
      3. Can I unsubscribe from the emails sent by Giving Forward, SweepsForACause, GoodBuzz and the other Giving Forward brands?
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      9. I’m a staffer or volunteer at a nonprofit and I want to learn how to use SweepsForACause and other Giving Forward platforms to help raise money and increase visibility. What should I do? Check out our FAQ for nonprofits.