FAQ- Publishers Promote SFAC for Your Chosen Nonprofit

SweepsForACause (SFAC) empowers publishers, broadcasters, websites, influencers, celebrities, and businesses promote a specific sweeps with a preferred 501c3 as the grantee. Of course nonprofits can also promote themselves as a grantee. Unlike some other philanthropic sweepstakes sites where the payout to the causes is about 16% of the gross donation, Giving Forward who runs SFAC seeks to maximize net donation revenue and therefore between 80% or more of net donation revenue goes to the selected nonprofit.

There are two ways to set the donor/entrant’s default nonprofit as an external partner:

  1. Standard Default Cause Swap: Publishers or other partners like the flexibility of suggesting the nonprofit to donors. Donors still have the option to change their selection. For example:

Locked Cause Choice: If a nonprofit or influencer wants to eliminate donor/entrant choice and lock in a cause, that’s fine too. (although conversion rate and average donation size is bigger if you let the donor select their cause) 

    The sweeps we launched with is a cash sweeps merchandized several ways as you can tell from the above URLs.

    If you’d like to support a specific nonprofit with inbound clicks from banner ads donated to us or other media assets, and the EIN of your favorite nonprofit doesn’t result in a logo showing up on the landing page, please reach out to us at giving@givingforward.org and we will discuss setting up the nonprofit you requested.

    In the meantime, grab a banner from This Directory and add the ein=yourcauseein to the landing page of the sweeps you’d like to promote to your audience. Please also use UTMs so we can see your traffic coming in.

    If you need a banner size not in the directory referenced above, please email us. giving@givingforward.org