About Deacon Maccubbin, our 2023 Winner

Deacon Maccubbin was a fantastic random winner. His Twitter / X Social Media profile lists enthusiasm for Sweepstakes. But we live the fact that he’s been an activist around social causes for many years. He’s been covered in the Washingtonian, and Washington Blade. As well as other publications.

His cause choice to receive the $1,000 from Giving Forward was: Rainbow History Project.

In addition he asked us to reduce his prize to $9,000 and donate the $1,000 difference to Lambda Literary Foundation.

deacon SFAC

We Care Enough To Do It Again...

SweepsForACause is powered by Giving Forward, a 501c3 nonprofit. Before Giving Forward was born, We-Care was rocking the cause marketing world with its eCommerce platform. After a fruitful 7 year partnership with Amazon and 1,800 other merchants, We-Care raised $8.3 million for nonprofits. Amazon was inspired to launch SMILE, which would go on to generate an outstanding $450 million in donations before shutting down on Presidents Day (US) 2023. So, Giving Forward and We-Care founder Kevin Lee pivoted Giving Forward into a multi-nonprofit, multi-merchant charity mall platform, replacing SMILE. Giving Forward, a US-based non-profit, develops unconventional channels to facilitate donations and corporate philanthropy.

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Let's Turn Your Luck into a Force for Good

Turn Your Luck into a Force for Good

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